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Reading Focus Card Combo Pk. B Color Choice(s): Includes 2 tools (1 SHORT & 1 LONG)
Shorter Reading Focus Card (Model #001) can be used w/ regular-sized paperbacks & books w/ 2 columns of text per page.Shorter Reading Focus Card (Model #001) can also be used w/ e-readers. (Please use screen protector here.)Longer Reading Focus Card (Model #002) can also be used w/ e-tablets. (Please use screen protector here.)Longer Reading Focus Card (Model #002) can also be used w/ worksheets & documents.
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Reading Focus Card Combo Pk. B-Color Choice(s)

each Model #001 and #002 (1 LONG & 1 SHORT)   

#001 For reg. paperbacks & books with 2 columns of text per page as well as with e-books (Kindles, Nooks, etc.*)  

#002 For children’s or larger books & documents with longer text lines as well as with e-tablets (iPads, etc.*)

NOTE:  Regardless of the “face” color(s) chosen for the tool(s), each of them will include 3 different colored filters.  These 3 filter colors have been recommended by a developmental optometric group. 

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*When using the Reading Focus Cards with a tech device, it is recommended that a protective film also be used on the tech device's screen.

                 Reading Focus Card Color Chart (for FACE Colors)
Kelly Green   Light Tan  New! Red
Medium Blue    Taupe Brown  
     Hot Pink     
Lemon (Pale Yellow)    Black    Pale Pink  
 Orange Black with Textured Grip (sensory-appealing)  New!        
Peach    Royal Violet (Purple)       

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