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It's Called Dyslexia Gift Set
Gift Set includes 1 Reading Focus Card Combo Pk.(w/ 1 long & 1 short tool)Includes 3 colored filters for customizing the long Reading Focus CardAlso includes 3 colored filters for customizing the short Reading Focus Card
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It's Called Dyslexia Gift Set (ages 6-9) 

Are you the parent or grandparent of a child who struggles with dyslexia or another reading challenge?  Are you the teacher of a child who is a challenged reader?  If so, this gift set could help and support a child or student you know with some much-needed encouragement to read and learn better---AND improve self-esteem at the same time! 

This Children's Gift Set includes the following:

-Paperback copy of It's Called Dyslexia (Live and Learn Series) by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

-1 Reading Focus Card Combo Pack A-Asst. Colors

Book Description: This book is one in a series that takes a child's point of view, especially when the child struggles with some physical challenge or lack of self-confidence in going about everyday activities. These attractively illustrated picture storybooks encourage kids never to be afraid of a challenge.

Special Resources Included: Following each story are four pages of suggested activities that relate to the book's theme. A final two-page section offers advice to parents. The child in this story knows the alphabet, but she sometimes has trouble putting all the letters together to read words. No matter how hard she tries, she often mixes up the letters or writes them backwards. She's unhappy until her teacher explains that she has dyslexia, and that she can be helped to read and write correctly.

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