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Clementine Gift Set
Gift Set includes 1 Reading Focus Card Combo Pk.(w/ 1 long & 1 short tool)Includes 3 colored filters for customizing the long Reading Focus CardAlso includes 3 colored filters for customizing the short Reading Focus Card
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Clementine Gift Set (ages 6-8)
Do you know a child with attention issues or ADHD?  Are you a teacher of children with reading or learning challenges? This children's gift set could make a difference for a child or student you know! 

This Children's Gift Set includes the following:

-1 Paperback copy of Clementine by Sara Pennypacker 

-Reading Focus Card Combo Pack A-Asst. Colors 
Book Description: Life can be tricky for 8 year-olds. Clementine gets in trouble for cutting her friend Margaret's hair. Margaret got glue on it, and Clementine was just trying to help!)  Every day after that just seems to get worse, and poor Clementine starts to worry that her parents are going to call here "the hard one." (Her brother would be "the easy one.")  This book never uses the term ADHD, but the main character here has many characteristics of kids with attention issues. So, children like Clementine will likely relate to her challenged yet creative and comic solutions. 

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