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4-Pack of Reading Focus Cards Model #002 only---Assorted Colors (4 LONG tools)
Longer Reading Focus Card (Model #002) works well with children's & larger books having longer lines of text.Longer Reading Focus Card (Model #002) can also be used w/ e-tablets. (Please use screen protector here.)Longer Reading Focus Card (Model #002) can also be used w/ worksheets & documents.
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4-Pk. Reading Focus Cards (Model #002 only)-Asst. Colors

This 4-pack includes 4 LONG reading tools.

#002 For children’s or larger books & documents with longer text lines as well as with e-tablets (iPads, etc.---Please use film to protect tech device screen.)  Color Assortment

NOTE:  Regardless of the “face” color(s) chosen for the tool(s), each of them will include 3 different colored filters.  These 3 filter colors have been recommended by a developmental optometric group.

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