Learning Strategies

Strategies & Accommodations for Challenged Readers.

Reading and learning do not come easily for every student. Parents and teachers can often look for specific strategies and resources to assist struggling readers and learners, especially for the many with ADHD, dyslexia, autism or other issues.
Making using of such strategies or accommodations can actually help "level the playing field" for many children, teens and adults who would not otherwise receive the support needed to be successful readers and learners. Such accommodations should be implemented for as long as needed. This list can help a challenged reader or learner in your family or in your classroom: 
1.   Request or allow course and book content to be available via audiotape, CD, or DVD.
2.   Use a portable, hand-held spell checker (such as the Franklin Spelling Ace) for unknown words.

3.   Use graph paper or the physical Reading Focus Cards for math to promote accurate placeholder work.

4.   Use interactive computer reading programs that require only a limited number of tasks at a time.

5.   Underline or highlight important key words in a set of directions BEFORE beginning an assignment.

6.   Fold a worksheet so that only a small amount of text, information, or problems is visible at one time. Using individualized tools can help with this as well.

7.   Allow for moving to optional work areas with less distraction.

8.   Allow for the experience of a variety of sensory learning techniques such as those from the use of a computer, e-tablet, mp3 player, tape recorder, projector, and/or manipulatives.  The more senses you appeal to and employ in the learning process, the more success the student will experience.

9.   Use word processors or computers to complete written work, especially when writing is a struggle.

10. Allow for kneeling or standing at a desk or table (if needed), as long as it does not cause problems or distractions for others.

11. Allow for access to a copy of prepared notes, especially after a teaching session or discussion.

12. Arrange for a second set of textbooks at home so that materials are always at hand when needed.  

13. Use very low-volume music (instrumental) or environmental sounds (seashore or other nature sounds) while doing independent work.  

14. Allow for student to work cooperatively at times with others as part of a "buddy" system of support.

15. Use colored paper for all printed materials including worksheets, outlines, notes, etc. Experiment with pastels as well as bright shades. One particular color may produce the best results for an individual.

16. Use colored overlays or the physical Reading Focus Cards for focus and reading challenges with physical book pages, worksheets and other documents. These inexpensive reading aids can diminish or eliminate the visual “stress” or discomfort some readers/learners experience with the white backgrounds of most text pages. These same tools can also be used with Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers (Model #001-Shorter) as well as iPads and other e-tablets (Model #002-Longer), too.  

17. Make use of websites such as math.comKhan Academy or other free sites for help with specific math, science  or other content challenges.

18. Consider using the website live ink for readers at all levels of ability to re-format text in order to deliver instant benefits like improved comprehension, retention, efficiency (speed & accuracy) as well as reduced eye strain.     

19. For reading online or offline digital media, use the Reading Focus Cards desktop app with Macs and Windows PCs to provide more focus and fluency, better tracking, increased comprehension and improved retention for unfocused or overwhelmed readers.             

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