The Reading Focus Cards: Helpful Focusing Tools for Books, Technology & More! 

As we come to the end of the month of October, LD Awareness Month is also drawing to a close.  We all know, however, that the awareness raised for special needs and learning challenges this past month cannot remain static.  We need to continue to be advocates for those who are unable to advocate for themselves and help teach those who are able the strategies that can enable their voices and needs to be heard---and addressed effectively.

At the same time, we want to ensure that the helpful resources, techniques and tools already available can be utilized in the most effective ways.  That is the reason for this article.  We want to demonstrate that the Reading Focus Cards you may already have can be used in variety of other ways as well.  Since diagrams and photos are important means of teaching visual learners, we have decided to present most of this information in that format.  We hope you will find a few more options here for using BOTH sizes of your Reading Focus Cards.

Other Options for Using the Reading Focus Cards
(Patent 7,565,759)

  Use with e-Readers (i.e., Kindles, Nooks, etc.)

Use the SHORTER size of the Reading Focus Card (Model #001),
moving it straight down the the screen of the device.  

Special Note:  Please use a protective film for all tech device screens with this application.     

Use with e-Tablets (i.e., iPads, Androids, etc.)

Use the LONGER size of the Reading Focus Card (Model #002),
moving it straight down the the screen of the device.  

Special Note:  Please use a protective film for all tech device screens with this application.      

Choose the BEST Option for YOUR Focus & Reading Success!

For larger font sizes, one line of text can be read through the Reading Window.

When font sizes are smaller, it can be possible to view more than one
line of text in the Readng Window.

If a reader prefers NO colored Reading Filter, the area of the
Reading Focus Card that precedes the Reading Notch can be
another option for reading text lines from left to right.

This application is also quite helpful for breaking down words into phonemes or syllables.  Just uncover (from left to right) the letters, phonemes or syllables needed at a time.  This application can be especially helpful for readers with dyslexiaELL/ESL students or new, young readers in word-attack skill building activities.

Another Option for More Focus & Reading Comfort

For readers who prefer NO colored Reading Filter but desire text already read to be visible and text not yet read to be covered, simply turn the Reading Focus Card 180 degrees from its horizontal position to access a LONG, unframed section of text.

Use the Reading Focus Cards with Math Applications, too!

For long addition, multiplication and division, the SHORTER Reading Focus Card can help increase focus on the needed place holder column and improve accuracy with problem solving.

Some readers may choose to use both sizes of the Reading Focus Card when working with math and science equations (tool size determined by equation length).

The Reading Focus Cards Are IDEAL Tools for Tests & Exams

For bubble-type test answer sheets (such as Scantron, etc. and where permitted), the Reading Focus Cards allow the reader to locate AND retain the appropriate line of bubbles for a specific test question.  Using the tools in this application can actually help increase the participant's focus, rate and test accuracy

Special Note:  Many states in the U.S. currently allow the use of tools such as these on annual state achievement tests (usually for students with IEPs or 504 Plans only).  However, there may be conditions required for this permission.  Please check with DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) in your particular state.

Craft & Household Uses for the Reading Focus Cards

Special Note:
 For the following use options, simply turn the Reading Focus Card over or upside-down so that the gripping side of the tool faces the page of text.  This will keep the reading tool in place until the reader is ready to move it to other text.

It's easy to lose one's place when working with a crochet, knitting and other craft or hobby patterns.  However, with the Reading Focus Cards, your favorite activities become so much easier AND more enjoyable, too!

The Reading Focus Cards can also help in the kitchen.  When reading recipes, you won't add an ingredient more than once if you retain your place in the ingredient list with this tool (usually the SHORTER tool).
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